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Radiation is everywhere. Some of it occurs naturally and our bodies have adapted to live with it. Modern technology with its artificially produced radiation, however, has caused radiation levels to start soaring: Be it from electrical appliances, power lines, mobile computer networks or pulse-modulated microwaves from mobile telephones.

Electrosmog (or esmog) refers to the huge amount of electromagnetic fields (EMF) present literally everywhere on this planet. Every electrical and magnetic device causes esmog.

Esmog - would you know it when you can not see it?

Esmog - would you know it when you can not see it?

Today, people of all ages are increasingly confronted with a host of new stressors, such as technically produced esmog. The myriad stressors summarized under the umbrella term esmog have an immediate effect on cell physiology and consequently on the control mechanism of the body.

Using their electromagnetic force to move ions, magnetic fields (MF) induce electric currents in electrical conductors (such as human, animal or plant bio-systems). The impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produces reactions in the bio-system because cell communication happens at several thousandths, even millionths of a volt.

Esmog creates an artificial stress situation in the bio-system which, in turn, affects the metabolism as well as hormone production. A person’s individual stress tolerance, which varies from person to person, determines the outbreak of an esmog related disease.

Each organism reacts individually to environmental impact, including EMFs, or electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It has been observed that long-time exposure to esmog has compromising consequences on a person’s health, the symptoms of which are remarkably similar, if not identical, the world over. Adverse health effects manifest because the bio-system is exposed to technically produced electromagnetic alternating fields which are many times stronger than the body’s currents and the frequency of which interferes and irritates the body’s regulatory mechanism.


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